A Basement Climbing Wall | #mylittlehome

A couple of years ago I had a sudden late night epiphany that we should build a climbing wall in our unfinished basement, and low and behold, Thomas made it happen. As we look to finish our basement this year, we decided it was time to spruce the climbing wall up too. Out came the white paint late last night (why do we always start these things around midnight?) and the kids got into the swing of things today too. What they don’t know is that we ordered some fun new holds from Atomic Climbing Holds, are making a huge sensory hammock for play, and have monkey bar holds to add to the ceiling too. Although we have a million other projects to finish up (looking at you kitchen + bathroom), we’re suckers for the fun stuff for our little humans. Can you blame us?

The next morning the kids woke up to a whole new space for them this weekend. We’re not quite done (sensory hammock and expanded section with Swedish ladder to come), but there is plenty there now to keep them busy. Who’s coming to play? :)

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Downsize and organize BEFORE the holidays (and all those gifts) hit!

Our family celebrates Christmas and it ends up being a week long holiday by the time we’ve seen family and friends. We do our best to keep things minimal while still being magical, but it’s fun to see your kids be spoiled a little. This inevitably means lots of new things coming into the home (this is just a little of what my boys have already been gratefully gifted).

The next couple of days will be focused on family fun, but once the festivities are over it’s time to figure out where to put everything. The temptation of course is to find more storage and just make it fit, but this year I encourage you to take the time to go through old (and maybe new) toys and take out at least the same amount of what has come in (if not more).

Give your kids the gift of being able to find and enjoy their new toys, without having to endeavor on a treasure hunt through buckets and bins. And consider it a gift for yourself too, because I promise it will equal a happier more peaceful household, and some time all to yourself.
But first it’s time to bake cookies, wrap gifts, turn up the Bing Crosby, and start laundry (because it isn’t all #instalife glam over here).

Invest in a cordless stick vacuum (seriously)!

One of the very best things you can buy for your play space (and home) isn’t a toy or storage item, it’s a vacuum cleaner – namely a cordless stick vacuum. Kids are inherently messy. They collect all the crumbs, dirt, glitter, and things you can’t identify 😳, and then deposit these all over your lovely floors and rugs – especially where they play. I talk a lot about play invitations and having a clean space is #1. The beauty of the cordless stick vacuum is that you can grab and go mindlessly, which means you will actually use it and often. I know this post might seem a bit silly, I mean come on, we all have a vacuum of some sorts. But for me, the day we bought our Dyson Stick revolutionized our home and my ability to keep spaces inviting. It’s also something even my littlest can use, which means my kids have learned to clean up after themselves too. 🙌

Play Space Refresh (because we all need a touch up every now and then)

Children’s interests and development don’t stop changing and growing, which means play spaces aren’t ever going to be stagnant either. A service I offer to past clients is the option for me to come in and give their play space a refresh. I can help reorganize, update toys, pull items ready to donate or pack away for another baby.

This morning started off with with one a refresh for a family I worked with last year. They were feeling overwhelmed by toys again and wanted things sorted before the next influx of gifts over the holidays. Because the bones were already in place, it was just a matter of downsizing, re-organizing, and creating a home for all the new items. After a couple of hours, we had an XL bag of items to donate, and a play space ready to be enjoyed again by everyone in the family.