A LEGO Space in LA | #inspiredbyCPS

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I have been in full pudding mode thanks to the flu, but my dear friends in LA have been working hard to create this #inspiredbyCPS LEGO space for their (almost!) six year old son. His baby sister is now on the move and Oliver was desperate for a nook in their apartment where he could build away from interested little hands. With a few clicks on Amazon, they had the perfect place for him to build – a wall mounted shelf desk, organized LEGO storage drawers, wall shelving for displaying his creations, and artwork/lighting for aesthetics (the lightbulb in the hanging light even changes colors so Oliver can set it for “different moods” :). He was so excited at the finished product he didn’t even wait for them to clean away their tools before he started building!

Addie + Charlotte’s Play Space | January 2020

Addie and Charlotte are such creative kids, with art and craft materials to rival a professional artist. Charlotte loves American Girl Dolls, and has an enviable collection of dolls and their fashions/accessories. Both girls also love LEGOs. All of this adds up to a lot of stuff but not a lot of space to put it all. This equaled a main level play space that was overflowing and muddled with art supplies and toys, while their basement play space was being underutilized.

This is where I come in. :) Their lovely parents were keen to find ways to maximize their play spaces and create better storage and organization. They also wanted to keep with the same beautiful aeshtetic on the main level they had created with their custom pieces from Forty Third Place. Here’s what we did:

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Mini Makeovers (LEGO edition)


Sometimes folks hire me for a full play space makeover and sometimes they just need help with one aspect of their space. Lots of times that aspect is LEGO. I’ve written about LEGO organization before, but this is kind of my crack (it’s a little embarrassing how excited it makes me). The best way I have found to organize LEGO is by color and specialty pieces. This way it’s easy to find the pieces if your child wants to build a set and it makes free building a breeze too.


I’ll often find folks store all their LEGOs in one big box (*shudder*), but that does make it easy for me to scoop it up, bring it home, and get things organized. So if you’re looking for a little LEGO sanity, or even the perfect gift for the kid who has it all (the holidays are upon us), shoot me a message to get the magic started! ⋒ Swipe to see the LEGO before pic!

Lila + Kellan’s Play Space Makeover | July 2019

It’s been almost a year since I took on a play space makeover – homeschooling meant there just wasn’t time. However with Atlas in camp this week and him beautifully settled at a fantastic new school, I am slowly starting to take on little jobs again (and it makes me SO happy)!

My girlfriend just moved into a gorgeously renovated home and wanted help getting spaces set up for her two kids. Their unused basement was the perfect spot for the main play space, and so I spent the last few days ruthlessly purging (it has to happen, folks!), organizing toys, and meticulously sorting LEGO. Upstairs there is now an office nook for homework, and the kids have a little play alcove set up in their bedroom too. I worked with everything they already had (which is the case with most of the spaces I do), minus purchasing some extra LEGO storage. Artwork is still to go up, but her kids now have a dedicated space to play and call their own.

And yes, I forgot to take before pics. I’m obviously still a little rusty. ;)

Office Nook for Kids and Grown-Up

Basement Play Space

LEGO Organization

How I found it before it looked like this (and during the sorting process)…

Bedroom Alcove


Lego Storage

Lego storage. So often it’s just a bucket filled with a jumble of assorted pieces from sets long disassembled. This however doesn’t work for me or my Lego loving five-year-old. He has big plans and knows the pieces he wants. Finding that tiny piece in a bucket with hundreds of others is next to impossible and causes frustration, upset, and usually disinterest in the Lego itself. It’s also not much of an invitation to play in the first place.

My solution – an organized storage system with pieces sorted by color (in the tall drawers) and by type for more specific pieces (in clear sectioned trays and small drawers).

Does it take time to set up? Yes. Does it require my help at times to keep it managed. Yes. But it has changed the way he plays in such a huge positive way. He’s more autonomous and creative. There is less frustration. And he has taken more ownership of the space and works hard himself to keep it organized and clean. So was it worth the time and effort. Heck yes!

***Gorgeous photo from a recent session we had with the insanely talented Juliette Fradin.