How Much Do You Charge?

Curated Play Spaces loves to facilitate play in a way that is accessible to all families. No matter your budget, I work hard to find ways to transform your space in order to transform your child’s play. I purchase mainly from secondhand stores (for aesthetic, environmental, and cost reasons), and when possible we build with reclaimed materials. I love doing bigger projects with room to create custom pieces, put new storage and materials into place and nail your dream aesthetic, but I also love looking at what a family already has and rearranging, rethinking, and reorganizing in a way that will de-stress their lives without stressing their wallets.

Here’s how it works:

Package One $100 | The Consult

I come to your house for a one hour consult. We walk through your play spaces (inside and out) and you share what is and isn’t working for your family. We talk about your dream vision for the space and while there I will recommend changes you can make (big and small) to create a more beautiful and functional space.

Package Two $250 | The Consult ($100) + Write-Up ($150)

Similar to Package One, I come to your home for a one hour consult. But on top of the recommendations I give you while visiting, I will also supply you with a written document within a week of visiting. This will include step-by-step recommendations of changes you can make, including recommendations for additional storage and furniture you might consider purchasing (keeping in mind your budget specifications). This gives you a manual to easily enact the changes independently.

If you decide to hire me to do the work after purchasing Package Two, I will refund the write-up cost ($150) from the install total.

Package Three | The Consult ($100) + Install (cost TBD)

After learning about your family’s needs and assessing your space during the consult, I’ll work to provide a quote and a vision unique to your family. I’ll combine your budget and goals with my thriftiness and vision and let you know a high end and low end quote for your project. From here we will set a date for me to come into your home and make the magic happen!

Interested? Drop me a note and let’s get started.