How Much Do You Charge?

Curated Play Spaces loves to facilitate play in a way that is accessible to all families. No matter your budget, I work hard to find ways to transform your space in order to transform your child’s play. I purchase mainly from secondhand stores (for aesthetic, environmental, and cost reasons), and when possible we build with reclaimed materials. I love doing bigger projects with room to create custom pieces, put new storage and materials into place and nail your dream aesthetic, but I also love looking at what a family already has and rearranging, rethinking, and reorganizing in a way that will de-stress their lives without stressing their wallets.

Here’s how it works:

STEP 1: The consultation (1 hour) $100

I’ll come visit your home, see the space and materials you have to work with and we can talk about your goals. This step gets the ball rolling, lets us get to know each other, and helps me strategize to efficiently and cost-effectively make your kids happier, your clutter melt away, and your play space dreams come true.

STEP 2: The quote

After learning about your family’s needs and assessing your space, I’ll work to provide a quote and a vision unique to your family. I’ll combine your budget and goals with my thriftiness and vision and let you know a high end and low end quote for your project.

Step 3: Create!