Addie + Charlotte’s Play Space | January 2020

Addie and Charlotte are such creative kids, with art and craft materials to rival a professional artist. Charlotte loves American Girl Dolls, and has an enviable collection of dolls and their fashions/accessories. Both girls also love LEGOs. All of this adds up to a lot of stuff but not a lot of space to put it all. This equaled a main level play space that was overflowing and muddled with art supplies and toys, while their basement play space was being underutilized.

This is where I come in. :) Their lovely parents were keen to find ways to maximize their play spaces and create better storage and organization. They also wanted to keep with the same beautiful aeshtetic on the main level they had created with their custom pieces from Forty Third Place. Here’s what we did:


  • Created two 5ft benches that doubled as shelving. We worked with Blake from @fortythirdplace to source the same reclaimed wood he had used for their projects.
  • Created an XL art cart for all the girls’ art/craft/sewing supplies.
  • Moved their art papers and books to a vertical filing system, and their craft boxes (like KiwiCo) into ziplocks and then baskets for more efficient storage.
  • Organized their LEGOs into storage drawers/trays, and created a designated area/tray for ‘builds in progress’.
  • Added a variety of thrifted and vintage baskets for extra/more aesthetically pleasing toy storage.


  • Moved the desk/storage unit from the main level play space downstairs for American Girl Doll storage.
  • Hung a wall mounted clothing rack over the desk for doll clothing.
  • Moved the white toy shelf to a dead space in the room (under the magnetic calendar) and turned it horizontally, which in turn freed up space for the new desk/storage unit.
  • Removed old/unused toys.
  • Zhushed up the play kitchen and cleaned off old stickers.
  • Moved the old art paper tray storage unit from the main play level downstairs for dress-up clothing/accessories.

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