Evie + John's Play Space Makeover | November/December 2019

Lucky me! This was the second play space I have helped to create for Evie and John. The first in their old home, and this new space in the finished basement of their new home. Their parents were keen to create a space where both kids would want to play independently/together, without the need for constant parental supervision or help. They wanted this space to be the main hub for toys, and a place that the kids’ friends could run amok and have fun in.

The rundown when I arrived:

  • The space had been freshly painted white to help brighten the mostly windowless room, painters tape still needed to come down.
  • There was a large dresser in the space that was slated to be sold.
  • There was a gorgeous pile of artwork in need of displaying.
  • More functional storage options were needed for toys/materials.
  • The bunkbed was being underused and the top space used for storage.

What we did:

  • We removed the painters tape, the family hung artwork they had previously sourced, I hung a large thrifted mirror (to help open up/brighten the space), and an IKEA DIGNITET wire hanging system for the kids’ artwork.
  • Rearranged furniture to open up the space around the ladder to the bunkbed.
  • Built a railing for the top bunk and created a fort (now dubbed the pirate ship), complete with pulley system controlled by a ship’s steering wheel.
  • Downsized toys and added more storage, including installing a coat hooks for dress-up clothing.
  • Added an additional full length mirror for admiring oneself when dressed up. :)
  • Sold the dresser and utilized the built-in closet in the room for additional storage.
  • Added lamps as an alternative to the bright overhead light (sometimes it’s nice to bring the lighting down to help calm play).

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