Sharpen those pencils! | #curatedpsa

Play space #PSA: Keep your children’s pencils sharpened! Splash out on an electric sharpener and I guarantee your kids will fight over who gets to do it. Remember the materials you set out for your child are play invitations. You can’t expect your child to want to sit down and engage in art if the tools you put out for them are subpar and broken. Spend a minute each day checking your child’s art materials to make sure pencils are sharpened, markers have lids on and are working, glue isn’t empty etc. Value their work and play and they will learn to value themselves too. It really is that simple.

1 thought on “Sharpen those pencils! | #curatedpsa”

  1. I wonder if it’s still possible to find a pencil sharpener lkke the one my teacher in primary school had screwed to her desk. It had a variety of different sized holes for thin to thick pencils and you stuck your pencil in the appropriate hole and wound the handle to sharpen it. It made a very satisfactory munching noise as it sharpened and all the bits of sharpenings fell into a little drawer that could be pulled out and emptied. You were the envy of the class if you were called upon to be the sharpener of teacher’s pencils for the day! Happy memory 😊

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