Lila + Kellan’s Play Space Makeover | July 2019

It’s been almost a year since I took on a play space makeover – homeschooling meant there just wasn’t time. However with Atlas in camp this week and him beautifully settled at a fantastic new school, I am slowly starting to take on little jobs again (and it makes me SO happy)!

My girlfriend just moved into a gorgeously renovated home and wanted help getting spaces set up for her two kids. Their unused basement was the perfect spot for the main play space, and so I spent the last few days ruthlessly purging (it has to happen, folks!), organizing toys, and meticulously sorting LEGO. Upstairs there is now an office nook for homework, and the kids have a little play alcove set up in their bedroom too. I worked with everything they already had (which is the case with most of the spaces I do), minus purchasing some extra LEGO storage. Artwork is still to go up, but her kids now have a dedicated space to play and call their own.

And yes, I forgot to take before pics. I’m obviously still a little rusty. ;)

Office Nook for Kids and Grown-Up

Basement Play Space

LEGO Organization

How I found it before it looked like this (and during the sorting process)…

Bedroom Alcove


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