Foam Play Mats – just say NO!

Friends – consider this a play space PSA. We’ve all seen those soft and colorful jigsaw style foam play mats that parents love to buy for their little ones. And I get it. It is an easy way to cover a floor and make it safer for babies and toddlers prone to falling. And they certainly brighten up a room. But let’s get real. Those things are the WORST! They catch all the dirt and muck in the cracks, are annoying to clean, come apart far too easily, get chewed, get thrown, and do nothing for the decor and ambience of your space.

My advice. Say no to the foam and get yourself and your little one a REAL rug. Not a kid rug with bright primary colors and farm animals on. Not one of those rugs with roads to drive toy cars on. I’m talking a real deal grown-up rug that you love to look at and that you’d happily put in any room in your house. There is no reason that your little one can’t have something that makes you happy too! Your space will feel better for it and so will you. And you might be surprised all the ways they play on and with it. The pattern on our playroom rug doubles as islands and rivers and different little worlds.

IKEA has some great options. So does (and they always have sales).

Goodbye foam. Forever. And good riddance!

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