Organizing Kate’s Play Spaces | May 2018

Sometimes people hire me for mostly organizational reasons, and this was one of those times. Kate’s mum wanted to work together to get Kate’s play space and bedroom reclaimed from the piles and piles of toys, books, and art materials. There was no need to buy extra storage of materials because she had everything she needed. She just wanted help and motivation to get it done.

This was a day’s work together. We started downstairs and worked our way up. It was a matter of:

  • pulling everything out
  • sorting between throw away, donate, store, and use
  • cleaning all surfaces
  • putting things backs in an organized manner (we probably put back about 1/4 of what was originally there).

The end result* – cleaner more organized play spaces with obvious invitations to play, and a system that should make clean-up a breeze!

*There are still a few little extras things to finish up including a mirror over the little tables in her bedroom. We’ll also be tackling Kate’s brothers room in the near future.




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