Lego Storage

Lego storage. So often it’s just a bucket filled with a jumble of assorted pieces from sets long disassembled. This however doesn’t work for me or my Lego loving five-year-old. He has big plans and knows the pieces he wants. Finding that tiny piece in a bucket with hundreds of others is next to impossible and causes frustration, upset, and usually disinterest in the Lego itself. It’s also not much of an invitation to play in the first place.

My solution – an organized storage system with pieces sorted by color (in the tall drawers) and by type for more specific pieces (in clear sectioned trays and small drawers).

Does it take time to set up? Yes. Does it require my help at times to keep it managed. Yes. But it has changed the way he plays in such a huge positive way. He’s more autonomous and creative. There is less frustration. And he has taken more ownership of the space and works hard himself to keep it organized and clean. So was it worth the time and effort. Heck yes!

***Gorgeous photo from a recent session we had with the insanely talented Juliette Fradin.

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