A Mud Kitchen for a Nursery School |May 2018

The beloved nursery school Atlas went to for Pre-K was in need of a mud kitchen, so obviously I volunteered us to make one for them (I can’t help myself). Cue gathering all the scrap wood we own (plus outsourcing a sink and scrap from another co-op family and some bits and bobs from the school too), and coming up with a kick-ass design. Some of the key elements included:

  • A large enough workbench for multiple friends to play at, and a height that children of different ages could use it successfully.
  • A sink/place where water could be added and used.
  • Storage – shelving and a place where hooks could be hung.
  • Made from as much reclaimed parts as possible – for the look and the environment.

In Progress

Installed At School

UPDATE… In the year since it was built and delivered, TPCNS has made it their own 1000 times over. It has become a beloved well-used part of their play space and it’s so exciting to see it pop up on their Instagram feed every now and then.

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