Who am I?

I am a stay-home-parent to two little boys, but in a past life I was a preschool teacher/director/art teacher with my philosophy steeped in the Reggio Emilia approach. Setting up beautiful learning/play environments was one of my favorite parts of my job, so finding ways to continue this passion has been a joy.

I am using my skills and knowledge to help parents get their kid’s space and toys under control. I can:

  • set up specific areas for children to play + learn + create
  • advise on ways to bring in more natural and open-ended materials into their play
  • create organization + storage so toys and materials have a home
  • personal shop unique open-ended + budget friendly materials
  • work to any budget
  • create play spaces inside and out
  • custom build pieces to fit your spaces (I am very lucky to have a wonderful husband who is insanely handy, and who works with me to create custom shelving, furniture, and other pieces for children)

I’m constantly amazed at 1) how many toys people have, and 2) how miserable it makes their parents, and 3) how little most of the toys are played with. Guys – you don’t have to be drowning in toys that drive you to the edge of insanity! It doesn’t take that much to get things in order and looking the way you wish it did. And it really doesn’t take very much money either – you probably have everything you need already and it just needs a little tweaking.

xx Mandy

Processed with VSCO with q8 preset
My babies and me, Mother’s Day 2018

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